Whether you’re after beach waves or glam, luxurious waves, the Deep Waves is the perfect tool for all your spring and summer styles. Heats up to 200°C for quick and long-lasting results and is suitable for all hair types with 3 heat settings and enhanced heat protection. #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByYou #BaByliss #DeepWaves #BeachWaves #LuxuriousWaves #WavyHair
Mermaid curls is one of our favourite summer styles – it’s time to get your Deep Waves out and get practicing! Here’s how @hairtalkbyemelie gets the look, it couldn’t be easier and ideal for all those summer plans! #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByEmelie #BaByliss #MermaidCurls #SummerHair #SummerStyles #CurlyHair #HairInspo #HairGoals
#MasterThisMonday After some luxurious, glam curls? @ladylike_hb shows us how to get this stunning look using the 9000 Cordless Curling Tong and it's simple to recreate! We're going to give it a go, are you? #GetYourBaBylissLook STEP 1 – brush through your hair and part it STEP 2 – turn on the tong and choose your desired heat setting STEP 3 – take your first strand and clamp the end into the tong, then wrap your hair around hold for a few seconds and release STEP 4 – follow the above step on all the strands of hair STEP 5 – lightly brush through your curls and spritz a bit of hairspray through #9000CordlessCollection #CordlessWavingWand #BaByliss #GlamHair #CurlyHair
#MasterThisMonday Want to know how to achieve a smooth, shiny blow-dry? @hairbycarmenamelia shows us how easy it is to get this stunning style using The Hydro-Fusion Air Styler, the Advanced Plasma technology will allow you to hydrate and smooth your hair as you dry! #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByCarmen STEP 1 – you can either freshen up your hair or do this post washing, if you’ve washed your hair make sure it’s 85% dry before using the Hydro-Fusion Air Styler STEP 2 – start by taking large vertical sections and smooth each section STEP 3 – use the rotating function to smooth your hair and then hold in place if you want to add bounce STEP 4 – rotate towards the end of the hair for around 5 seconds to give your hair that blow-dry finish look STEP 5 – repeat this across the rest of your hair #HydroFusion #HydroFusionCollection #AirStyler #BlowDry #SmoothHair #ShinyHair
Whether you’re heading out or chilling this weekend, keep your hair and beard fresh and in check! #WeekendStyle #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByYou #BaByliss #MensGrooming
#MasterThisMonday Whatever your hair length or type the Hydro-Fusion Dryer is perfect. Achieve a frizz-free, sleek blow-dry with the nozzle or enhance those natural curls using the diffuser attachment. @wez__jones shows us just how easy it is and how he styles his hair! #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByWez STEP 1 – apply some pre blow-dry salt spray and spritz through the hair STEP 2 – set the Hydro-Fusion dryer on medium heat and medium power, remove the nozzle to dry the roots STEP 3 – attach the diffuser and scrunch your hair into curls, if you want to add body to your hair tilt your head back and dry STEP 4 – finish off with an oil or serum #BaByliss #HydroFusion #BlowDry #NaturalCurls #CurlyHair #FrizzFree #HairInspo #HairGoals
#MasterThisMonday Dry your hair two ways with the Platinum Diamond Dryer. A diffuser may just be your new best friend, especially if you want to accentuate your natural curls. Or you can smooth your hair and go for a straighter, textured look! Here’s how @kycutwilson creates these styles – what look would you choose? #PoweredByBaByliss Curls: STEP 1 – wash and scrunch dry your hair STEP 2 – apply some mousse and curl serum, then scrunch again STEP 3 – set the hairdryer on medium heat and medium air flow, then attach the diffuser and dry. For more volume tip your head upside down STEP 4 – scrunch in some oil and style! Textured quiff: STEP 1 – wash and towel dry your hair STEP 2 – apply some volume/texture spray STEP 3 – set the hairdryer on a medium heat and medium air flow, then dry with a wide tooth comb or fingers for more of a natural finish. For more texture remove the nozzle STEP 4 – add dry texture paste and style! #HairDryer #HairInspo #HairGoals #ShortHairStyle
#MasterThisMonday This soft blow-dry is not only perfect for every day, but also effortless and super stylish! Here’s how @simoneoaks gets the look with our Hydro-Fusion Air Styler. #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledBySimone STEP 1 – make sure your hair is 85% dry (either allow to air dry, or dry with a hair dryer prior to styling) STEP 2 – section your hair STEP 3 – take medium sized sections and begin to smooth using the Air Styler, use the rotating function and rotate downwards towards the ends of your hair STEP 4 – repeat step 3 on the rest of the hair #BaByliss #HydroFusion #BlowDry #Hairstyle #HairInspo #HairGoals #SoftBlowDry #EasyHairstyles #QuickHairstyles
#MasterThisMonday Give your hair some texture with these stunning curls! Perfect if you want to mix up your everyday style and it couldn’t be easier, @katiemulcahyhair shows us how to get the look. #GetYourBaBylissLook STEP 1 – make sure your hair is completely dry and you have applied a heat protector STEP 2 – section your hair and curl one area at a time, hold for a few seconds and pull down, then leave to cool (this is the Titanium Brilliance Wave Wand) STEP 3 – make sure you curl all the strands of hair, to make sure both sides match swap hands so you can curl the hair in the same direction STEP 4 – comb through the hair with a wide tooth comb and give it a little shake for added texture and then spritz some texturising spray throughout #BaByliss #WavyHair #TexturedHair #HairInspo #HairGoals
#MasterThisMonday If you’re starting to get into the festive spirit like us, why not try these Festive Curls? Here’s how @hairbycarmenamelia creates these gorgeous soft curls using the Curl Styler Luxe. What styles will you be creating in the next few weeks? #GetYourBaBylissLook STEP 1 – turn the Curl Styler on and choose your desired heat setting STEP 2 – take medium sized sections, and comb through, then curl each section, working around your head STEP 3 – add some festive accessories and you’re done! #GetYourBaBylissLook #CurlStylerLuxe #CurlyHair #FestiveHair #HairInspo #HairGoals
We love this stunning A-line wedge bob with a sharp finished created by @halleybrisker for @nicolacoughlan for the BAFTAs using our 9000 Cordless Straighteners #NicolaCoughlan #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByHalley #9000CordlessCollection #CordlessStraightener #virginmediabaftas
A straight blow-dry looks harder to achieve than it is! If you’re in need of some tips or an updated routine for your naturally curly hair, @neffyfrofro shows us how she gets this stunning finish with the Hydro-Fusion dryer and the nozzle attachment. #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByLaila #BaByliss #HydroFusion #NaturalCurls #CurlyHair #BlowDry #HairInspo #HairGoals
#MasterThisMonday Need to quickly style your hair, but don’t have time for a blow-dry? We’ve got you covered with a faux-dry! @hairbyemmajewell creates this stunning look with the 9000 Cordless Straightener. #9000CordlessCollection STEP 1 – make sure your hair is dry and you’ve applied heat protection STEP 2 – turn on your straightener and set it on your desired setting STEP 3 – separate your hair in to two sections, then section each side into smaller sections STEP 4 – smooth the hair and bevel the ends under by turning the straightener inwards STEP 5 – alternate the bevel on each section and repeat on both sides of your hair STEP 6 – brush out and style with accessories #CordlessStraightener #GetYourBaBylissLook #BaByliss #FauxBlowDry #Straightener #HairInspo
We can’t get enough of this gorgeous, wavey ponytail @halleybrisker created on @billiepiper for #VirginMediaBAFTAs yesterday using our 9000 Cordless Straightener #BilliePiper #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByHalley 🍑 𝘽𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙞𝙚 𝙖𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝘽𝙖𝙛𝙩𝙖𝙨 🍑 custom sewn pony and hair falls with a mermaid wave to finish using the @babyliss cordless straightening irons.
A beautiful braided updo created by @davidebarbieri_ on @hayzsquires at the BAFTAs this weekend using our 9000 Cordless Curling Tong for effortlessly soft texture #HayleySquires #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByDavide #virginmediabaftas #redcarpethair
#MasterThisMonday For all the men out there needing some home hair maintenance tips again, here’s a quick way to neaten up those sides and give yourself a fresh fade and trim! @sydhayeshair shows us his technique on how to do it on yourself. #PoweredByBaByliss STEP 1 – turn on your clippers (these are the BaByliss Pro Cordless Super Motor Clippers) and use guard 3 to start to neaten the sides of your hair, start from the ear to the part where your head starts to curve using an outwards scooping motion STEP 2 – move on to the back of the hair, trimming with the same outwards scooping motion STEP 3 – move to a clipper guard 2 and work from the ear up but stopping slightly lower than before to start to fade the hair STEP 4 – change your guard to a 1 - you can use the lever to make this a 1.5 if needed, you don’t have to go directly with the 1 straight away so you can blend the fade STEP 5 – now drop the lever to a 1 so that it’s tighter and gives you a more of a clean fade STEP 6 – remove the guard and clean the edges around the ear to give the hair a sharp finish, you can also give your beard a bit of shape STEP 7 – if you want to give the top of your hair a bit of a trim, dampen it a little and brush forward with a comb STEP 8 – get some haircutting scissors and remove any extra bits of length in the front on an angle, keeping it neat across the front of the face STEP 9 – working through the sides, point cut any bit of extra length you don’t want. Keep the shape slightly rounded so it’s not too square STEP 10 – dry off and style! #TopTip - when doing the back of your hair, setup a mirror in front and behind you so you can see what you’re doing #BaByliss #MensHair #MensCut #Grooming #HomeHair #HairMaintenance #HairCut #MensCut
#MasterThisMonday If you’ve got a box full of scrunchies but you seem to always go back to the same one, here’s a style you can try and mix up which ones you use! This look is perfect if you’re lacking inspiration and want something new and easy to recreate. #PoweredByBaByliss STEP 1 – choose your favourite scrunchies (or opt for some you don’t use as often) STEP 2 – take a rough section at the crown of the head and secure with the first scrunchie STEP 3 – take a second section below the first and join the remaining ponytail from first to create one big ponytail. Continue all the way down the head until you have 1 large pony at the bottom of the neck STEP 4 – loosen the hair to create a soft casual look #EasyHairstyles #ScrunchieStyle #Scrunchies #HairInspo
#MasterThisMonday The perfect style to get you through the week - @harriet_stokes shows us how to easily create these gorgeous long-lasting soft curls with our new Curl Styler Luxe! #GetYourBaBylissLook   STEP 1 – brush through your hair and part one side first STEP 2 – begin curling each strand by placing the hair section between the plates, turning the Curl Styler Luxe, make sure it’s facing away from your face and gliding down the hair section STEP 3 – continue curling each strand until one side is finished, then part the other and curl in the same direction, again turning the Curl Styler Luxe away from the face STEP 4 – don’t forget to curl the back of the hair, using the same technique STEP 5 – once finished, brush through the hair to give the curls a softer look   #CurlStylerLuxe #SoftCurls #CurlyHair #HairInspo #HairGoals
#MasterThisMonday Braiding your own hair is often harder than it looks, but it’s definitely not impossible and practice makes perfect – so get practicing while you’re at home! @hairbycarmenamelia shows us how to master it and it’s much easier than you think. #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByCarmen STEP 1 – roughly section your hair in half to create two sections STEP 2 – start by loosely braiding your hair on the first side, taking strands from each side and leaving out some hair at the ends. Then do the same on the other side STEP 3 – once you’ve secured both sides with a hair brand, use the tips of your fingers to gently loosen the braid to create a messy and chunky lounge look #BaByliss #Braids #Hairstyle #Plaits #DutchBraid
#MasterThisMonday If you’ve either binge watched The Queens Gambit, or seen Beth Harmon pop-up on your feeds, then you’ll have definitely seen her stunning hairstyles. @lydiajanealice is transporting us back to the 60’s and showing us how to re-create her signature outward flick, as well as her younger style using the Straight and Curl Brilliance! #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByLydia LOOK 1: STEP 1 – spritz some heat protector and section your hair STEP 2 – take sections of around 1 inch and smooth the section until you’re about two thirds down, then angle the straightener and curl the ends inwards (towards your face) STEP 3 – secure with a little hairspray LOOK 2: STEP 1 – spritz some heat protector and section your hair STEP 2 – take sections of around 1 inch and smooth the section until you’re about two thirds down, then angle the straightener and curl the ends outwards (away from the face) STEP 3 – as you curl, roll and secure with clips until you finish the next section, repeat on all strands of hair STEP 4 – secure with a little hairspray and style with accessories! #BaByliss #HairFlick #BethHarmon #TheQueensGambit #HairInspo #60sHairstyle
#MasterThisMonday With summer approaching and diaries slowly starting to fill up, we’re in need of an easy hairstyle that’ll last. @raphellesaintcurtis shows us how to get these gorgeous curls using the Curl Styler Luxe – perfect for whatever plans you might have and will last you through to the night. #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByRaphelle STEP 1 – section your hair into two STEP 2 – turn on the Curl Styler Luxe and begin taking medium size sections and curling STEP 3 – do this until you’ve curled all of the strands of hair STEP 4 – spritz some hairspray on your brush and brush through the curls #BaByliss #CurlStylerLuxe #CurlyHair #HairInspo #HairGoals #SummerHair #SummerStyles
#MasterThisMonday Whatever the weather, waves are perfect, and we love them in winter! They couldn’t be easier to create, they suit everyone, and they look gorgeous! Here’s how @katiemulcahyhair got these Winter Waves using the Straight and Curl Brilliance. #PoweredByBaByliss STEP 1 – make sure your hair is completely dry and you have applied a heat protector prior to styling STEP 2 – part your hair in the desired direction STEP 3 – start working on one side of your head and clip the back sections out of the way to make it easier to work through STEP 4 – start working on an inch-thick section, placing the irons at the root horizontally and start to from an ’S’ shape by moving the irons away from the face slowly, curving back towards the face in a fluid motion STEP 5 – continue throughout the whole head and ensure to leave to cool down before adding a texture spray to finish #HairInspo #WavyHair #EasyHairstyles
#MasterThisMonday After a bouncy blow-dry? It’s effortlessly chic and perfect for everyday! @hairbycarmenamelia shows us how to master it at home and get it to last all day using the Air Style 1000. #GetYourBaBylissLook STEP 1 – make sure your hair isn’t completely wet, around 80% dry STEP 2 – smooth it down a little with the brush attachment and dry it if it’s too wet STEP 3 – remove the brush attachment and put the round volumising brush on STEP 4 – part your hair and begin to dry strands of hair, once you’ve finished a strand loop it around your fingers and secure with a clip, this is to get the extra bounce STEP 5 – repeat step 4 across all your strands of hair, once it’s all secured in clips spray a little hairspray and leave for 5 minutes STEP 6 – remove all the clips and style your hair as desired #BaByliss #AirStyle #AirStyle1000 #BouncyHair #BlowDry #VolumisedHair #HairInspo
Add a pop of pastel pink to your tool collection! Our Rose Blush collection features a powerful 2200W dryer for fast drying, a high-performance straightener for a super sleek finish and a curling wand for effortless, free-flowing curls. #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByYou #RoseBlush #BaByliss
#MasterThisMonday Bouncy curls aren’t just for long hair! If you’ve got a shorter style and you’re looking for a voluminous bouncy look to try, @lydiajanealice shows us how she gets these gorgeous curls, perfect for everyday using our Titanium Brilliance Waves. #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByLydia STEP 1 – section your hair STEP 2 – take medium sized strands of hair and wrap them around your wand (Lydia uses the Titanium Brilliance Waves), you can clip them to secure and make sure they hold STEP 3 – follow this step across the rest of the sectioned hair. Continue to section and curl (curl away from the face) STEP 4 – remove all the clips and brush through #BaByliss #BouncyCurls #ShortStyle #ShortHairstyle #HairInspo #HairGoals #WavyHair
#MasterThisMonday Need a quick beard refresh? @joshgoodwinhair uses the Japanese Steel Digital Trimmer to shape and cut his beard – it’s super easy and perfect for an at home touch-up! #GetYourBaBylissLook STEP 1 – twist the dial to your desired setting STEP 2 – begin to shape your beard in an upwards motion, starting at the bottom and then following on to the cheek and lip area STEP 3 – place your chosen comb guide on and start to trim your beard STEP 4 – to give your beard a little more shape, go back in without the comb guide and clean up any areas you want #BaByliss #JapaneseSteelTrimmer #Grooming #DefineYourStyle #MensGrooming #BeardTrim
#MasterThisMonday Give your pixie cut a makeover with these stunning curls. They’re quick, easy and perfect for everyday – all you need is a straightener. @ladylike_hb proves that curls suit all hair lengths! #GetYourBaBylissLook STEP 1 – part your hair in sections using a comb STEP 2 – take your straightener and curl the first section STEP 3 – continue sectioning the hair and curling until you finish all the strands STEP 4 – style your hair as desired and place the curls where you want them to sit using a comb #ShortCurls #PixieCurls #CurlyHair #EverydayCurls #Hairinspo #HairGoals
#MasterThisMonday After a quick and stylish updo? Transform your ponytail with some bouncy curls! @hairbycarmenamelia shows us how to get the look with the new 9000 Cordless Curling Tong and it’s so easy! #GetYourBaBylissLook STEP 1 - part the front strands of your hair and clip them away from your ponytail STEP 2 - secure your hair into a ponytail with a scrunchie STEP 3 - begin to take strands of hair from your ponytail and secure the end of each strand into the tong, then wrap it around, hold for a few seconds and release STEP 4 - do this across all the strands of hair until you have reached the other side STEP 5 - remove the clips from the front strands of your hair and curl them away from your face STEP 6 - give your hair a little shake and you’re done! #9000CordlessCollection #CordlessCurlingTong #CurlyHair #HairInspo #CurlyUpdo
#MasterThisMonday If you loved Zendaya’s mermaid waves at the Oscar’s as much as we did, @hairbycarmenamelia shows us how to easily re-create the style using the Deep Waves! Just in time to get the practice in before summer. #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByCarmen STEP 1 – if you want some extra length for this style, clip in your favourite hair extensions STEP 2 – start at the front by taking large sections of your hair STEP 3 – using your BaByliss Deep Waves, start at the root and hold for 10 seconds work your way down the section, clamping the hair all the way to the ends STEP 4 – once you have done the front move to the back, pull the hair to the side of your head so that you can see what you are doing STEP 5 – finish off with any serum and lightly brush through #BaByliss #Zendaya #Oscars #MermaidWaves #DeepWaves #WavyHair #HairInspo
#MasterThisMonday with @ManForHimself showing us how he styles his grown-out lockdown length hair. It’s all about hair dryer technique for a relaxed and totally undone finish using the new Hydro-Fusion dryer. #PoweredByBaByliss STEP 1 – start with clean and towel dried hair. Spritz a little pre-styling product into your hair. This can be a volume spray; a thickening spray; texture spray (sea salt spray); or just a heat protectant STEP 2 – rough dry your hair until it almost feels dry. Man For Himself uses the BaByliss 2100W Hydro Fusion hair dryer STEP 3 – attach the concentrator nozzle and start to smooth your hair into the style and position you want STEP 4 – using the cool shot button on the hair dryer, keep smoothing and positioning the hair STEP 5 – use a little styling product or a fixing spray to neaten up the style; or to even boost texture in your style #TopTip – a cold shot of air will help to seal the cuticle (outside surface) of the hair. It will also strengthen your hair and increase shine. #BaByliss #MensHair #MensStyling #Grooming #HomeHair #HairMaintenance
#MasterThisMonday Not sure how to style your longer hair and beard, or recently grown your facial hair and after some tips on how to easily maintain the length? @wez__jones shows us how you can keep it in check, as well as how to style your locks! #GetYourBaBylissLook STEP 1 – spritz some salt spray through your hair STEP 2 – begin to dry your hair and make sure to scrunch the ends with your hands while drying STEP 3 – tie your hair into a ponytail and secure tightly, then continue to dry while scrunching the ponytail STEP 4 – take a few drops of beard oil and work it into the beard, dry whilst combing downwards STEP 5 – begin to shape your beard and remove any hairs around the cheek area, Wez uses the 12-in-1 Japanese Steel Trimmer Kit STEP 6 – remove the shaver attachment and place the precision trimmer blade on, begin to shorten any longer hairs around the beard until they are all the same length STEP 7 – you can now also groom your brows using the detail trimmer attachment STEP 8 – remove your ponytail, give your hair a shake and style as desired #Grooming #MensGrooming #BeardStyle #BeardGrooming #MensStyling #MensHair #MensHairStyling
#MasterThisMonday Swap your sleek, straight look for some voluminous Tousled Waves this week – you can create endless styles with the Air Style 1000! Here’s how @harriet_stokes got the look. What would be your go to attachment? #GetYourBaBylissLook STEP 1 – using the drying nozzle, quickly blast dry your damp hair STEP 2 – switch to the volumising thermal brush attachment and dry the front sections of your hair away from your face STEP 3 – change to the conical curling attachment (use a glove to protect your fingers), wrap medium sized sections around the barrel to dry into a loose wave - alternating throughout the hair #BaByliss #AirStyle1000 #Waves #TousledWaves #WavyHair #HairInspo
#HairHacks Meeting the girls for a catch-up or have a date night planned? If you haven’t left enough time to style your hair, this simple but stylish up-do will do the trick – plus it looks stunning! @shelleysumnerhair shows us just how easy it easy to re-create. Simply section your hair in 3 at the back, plait each section, loosen each one a little and pin into place. If you want some added curls at the front, use our Deep Waves to wave the loose strands. #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByShelley #BaByliss #Updo #DeepWaves #StylishUpdo #CurlyHair #Hairstyles #HairTip #HairTrick #HairInspo
#MasterThisMonday This week, @hairbyemmajewell is throwing it back with this wavy bandana style! If you’re wanting to do something different, this look is super quick and fun. Here’s how she got the look with the Deep Waver and a few accessories. #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByEmma STEP 1 – part your hair and turn on your waver (Emma is using the Deep Waves) STEP 2 – begin to wave each section STEP 3 – once you finish all the strands, take two small sections at the front of your hair and create two small plaits on either side STEP 4 – take your plaits and two sections of hair at the front and place the rest of your hair behind your head STEP 5 – using a bandana / scarf of your choice and tie underneath the back of your hair #BaByliss #ThrowbackStyle #ThrowbackHair #HairInspo #HairGoals #WavyHair #DeepWaves
#MasterThisMonday Cool Girl Waves are perfect all hair lengths and they’re super stylish, getting the look couldn’t be easier with our new Cordless Waving Wand! @hairbyemmajewell shows us how she created the stunning look. #GetYourBaBylissLook STEP 1 – turn on the Cordless Waving Wand by holding down the button until it turns green, then select your desired heat setting by pressing down on the button lightly STEP 2 – part your hair STEP 3 – take a medium sized strand of hair and begin to wrap it around the wand, hold for a few seconds and repeat across all sections STEP 4 – once you’ve finished the first side, repeat the same steps on the other STEP 5 – use a wide tooth comb and brush through the waves to give you the cool girl style STEP 6 – secure with a spritz of hairspray #CordlessWavingWand #WavyHair #CoolGirlWaves #LooseWaves #SoftWaves
Why not keep it natural this weekend and let those gorgeous curls loose? If your hair is naturally straight, get the style with our Tight Curls! #PoweredByBaByliss #StyledByYou #BaByliss #NaturalCurls #CurlyHair #TightCurls #SpiralCurls #CurlyHair
#MasterThisMonday Messy buns sound super easy, but they can be quite hard to get right! @hairbyemmajewell shows us how to easily master this chic, messy bun, with a few added curls at the front for some extra shape! #PoweredByBaByliss STEP 1 – back brush the hair to remove your parting and create some volume at the crown STEP 2 – tie back into a pony and leave out any strands you’d like around your face STEP 3 – tie your hair with a hair tie twice, then pull through halfway to create a loop STEP 4 – twist and wrap the hair left out around the loop and secure with a hair pin underneath STEP 5 – if you want a little more shape, curl the front strands of your hair, Emma uses the 9000 Cordless Curling Tong STEP 6 – apply texture spray for hold and volume #BaByliss #9000CordlessCollection #MessyBun #HairInspo #HairGoals
#MasterThisMonday If you’re feeling in need of a mini tidy-up, what better than tips from a barber? Here’s how Mark Maciver from @slidercuts keeps his stubble on trend and neatens up certain areas of his hair – perfect for in-between cuts! #GetYourBaBylissLook STEP 1 – place the guard on the Japanese Steel Multi Trimmer so that it’ll trim at your desired length STEP 2 – begin to trim your beard, Mark leaves a bit of extra hair around his chin and lip area STEP 3 – if you want to neaten your hair a little, using the Japanese Steel Hair Clipper lightly snip the ends you want to remove STEP 4 – follow an upwards motion to give the hair a little more shape #MensGrooming #Grooming #MensHair #BeardTrim #Barber #SliderCuts