We got a shipment of trellises for both shops from @pistachioplayground.shop ! We are in love with all the styles—such an upgrade to your standard trellis or plant stake. Use these to support your vining plants or plants needing a little extra help. Pictured is the floating baguettes trellis with a monstera adansonii.
Plant of the Week: Calathea Orbifolia Known for their round, silvery-green foliage, these beauties make a great addition to your plant collection. They thrive in bright, indirect light and water when the soil starts to dry a couple inches down. Like other calathea, they love humid environments and may get brown leaf tips if the air is too dry. Mist often, run a humidifier or place in a bright bathroom to combat this. Come snag one at Franklin or East! Also available online. Tap to shop.
Did you know that the Alocasia Odora ‘California’ produces fragrant blooms whose perfume is extra intense at night? These beauties love bright, indirect light and lots of humidity. We’ve also got a few at our East Nashville location 🌱
Which Plant is Your Mom? ✨ A fun little celebration of moms or mom figures and all that they are and do. Maybe this helps you pick out a Mother’s Day plant for yours, or maybe it’s just a reminder to give her a call today. 💖To any that have a hard time with this holiday, we see you and we grieve with you. You are not alone.
Plant of the Week: Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Also known as monstera minima or philodendron ginny, this beautiful, trailing plant is in a class of its own! As the plant matures, it gets splits in its leaves similar to monstera deliciosa. Larger plants will need to be trellised, staked or in a hanging basket. It is a prolific grower, so it won’t be long before you are seeing long, luscious vines. Available in both shops and online! Tap to shop.
There’s always room for more plants. Out of floor and table space? Try a mounted plant like one of these staghorn ferns, or hang some of your smaller guys with a macrame hanger!
Happy weekend! Do yourself a favor and soak up some of this sunshine just like your favorite plant babies - you’ll thank us later☀️
All green everything😍 Check out this perfect monstera leaf! Open till 5 today so swing by!
Moms love plants! Trust me—I know 😉 Be sure to swing by this week to grab a Mother’s Day plant. Both shops are stocked with lots of goodies. Comfy at home? Tap to shop.
Terracotta is back, baby! Franklin’s got your favorite basics just in time for repotting season so swing by - these are going to go quick!
It’s a beautiful day to snag some plants! Come see us - open till 5 at both locations.
Loving this Mother’s Day display at our Franklin store! Tap to shop!