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A soup on the side allows you to simplify other dishes, says @adamliaw , who served up coconut vegetable curry, and roast pumpkin soup with spinach and cream in the last issue. "Everybody loves soup – and I won't tolerate any arguments to the contrary,” says Liaw. “I do fear, however, that the traditional soup course has fallen out of favour. The modern approach to home cooking treats preparing food as a painful imposition, meaning that anything other than a simple main course is considered a bridge too far. No wonder many soups have graduated to main courses, but starting a meal with soup has several benefits. Not only are they usually full of vegetables, giving them obvious health benefits, but starting a meal with soup also allows you to simplify the main course. A lot of the simplicity of many cuisines – French, Japanese and Chinese, to name but three – comes from having multiple courses or dishes. This might sound counter-intuitive, but consider a pumpkin soup followed by grilled fish and salad. Or a pork and radish broth to accompany simple Chinese-style vegetables. Or miso soup that sits alongside a bowl of plain rice and a few pickles. All of these are examples of how a very simple soup on the side can add an extra dimension to a meal. Give it a try." Find the recipes online at @goodfoodau . Photography: @william_meppem #adamliaw #recipes #souprecipe #foodphotography #food #homecooking #easyrecipes #curry
“The history of our most classic Australian biscuit is a simple one. Anzac biscuits were sent as gifts from home to loved ones fighting in Europe and the Middle East during World War,” shares @adamliaw in today’s magazine. “These hard biscuits could be made from ingredients available during wartime, they lasted for ages, and could be transported. The sweet, golden biscuits would have been a glorious and welcome change from rations of bully beef and hardtack. What I love most is that they were a symbol of public sentiment – they came about from people wanting to use food to comfort and communicate with those far from home.They're such an important part of our history that Department of Veterans' Affairs regulations state that unless a biscuit is made to the standard recipe, it can't be described using the word "Anzac".These recipes might not bear the Anzac name, but they come with that same message of community.” Find Adam’s oat and coconut scones, and golden syrup pudding recipes in today’s magazine and online at @goodfoodau . #anzacday #anzac #anzacbiscuits #recipes #adamliaw
With two Golden Globes and six Oscar nominations to her name, @amyadams could well play the Hollywood diva and get away with it. She tells @michaelidato why her family background means that’s never going to happen. Adams also talks about film, motherhood and playing a titian-haired heroine in the upcoming thriller The Woman in the Window. Plus, @justine_cullen shares why a milestone birthday that led to a life-changing decision, we take at look at the lifestyle factors that contribute to super ageing, and bring you our fabulous monthly @goodfoodau bonus. Photography by Liz Collins/Trunk Archive/Snapper Images. #amyadams #hitchcock #thewomaninthewindow
Earthy colours give a cosy seasonal to your home. Just add extra layers and the delicious aroma of county cooking. Edited: @georg1e_gee
The last year has been a life-changing one for @zoe_ventoura . The actor, who has always chosen private over public when it comes to her personal life, has been juggling work on the Nine drama series Doctor Doctor, with life as a single-mother. Her new role sees Zoë playing Kassie, a young, terminally ill mother. This is the first time she has played the role of a mother since becoming one herself. Has it made it easier to get into character? “Listen, I want to say no, because actors can do it all,” she says, laughing, “But I have to say that, as a parent, suddenly everything becomes a little more potent when you’re dealing with those storylines. It all comes a little closer to the surface.” Words by @genquigley . Photography by @Hughstewart_ . Styling by @PennyMcCarthy . Hair by @keirenstreethair . Make-up by Nicole Thompson (@pinkiiieee ). Image One: @BiancaSpender “Copper Suiting Gaia” coat, and “Copper Suiting Encompass” jacket. Image Two: Bianca Spender “Storm Satin Crepe Ciel” jacket, and “Storm Satin Carter” pants. @newbalance Hair “237” sneakers. Image Three: @scanlantheodore Theodore “Tailored Stripe” jacket, “Babywool” singlet, $140, and “Tailored Stripe” trousers.”Louise Olsen choker. from @dinosaur_designs (worn throughout). New Balance “237″ sneakers. #zoeventoura #fashionphotography #style #doctordoctor #australianfashion
Pair perennial classics with something unexpected - a pop of vivid colour adds that element of surprise. Photography: @studioelford Fashion editor: @pennymccarthy Hair: @bradmullinshair Make-up: @sarahtammer #fashionphotography #style #winterfashion #perennials
Australian women today have many rights our grandmothers never dreamed of, and International Women’s Day tomorrow is an excellent time to reflect on the long way we’ve come towards gender equality. But for many throughout the world there is still a long way to go. And the year of turmoil that was 2020 has shown us all how important it is we stand together. Part of a journalist’s job is to get their interviewees to open up, but how would @kumikotag fare visiting family in Japan to tell them her father had died – and that she wanted to film them? @michael_lallo meets the new host of @insightsbs to find out. This week, to also mark International Women’s Day, celebrity chef @pohlingyeow salutes the family members and other women who smoothed her path, our columnist Jane Caro gets her teeth into the gender issue, and we explore that all-important topic of women and their relationship with money. Plus, @daisyedgarjones (who didn’t love her in Normal People?) talks about her surprise role as a fashionista and her new films. Photography by @TaneCoffin . Styling by @PennyMcCarthy . Hair and make-up by @makeupbyjoelphillips . Kumi wears @Esse.Studios top, @Oroton pants, @HollyRyanjewellery earrings. #kumitaguchi #internationalwomensday #genderequality #daisyedgarjones #pohlingyeow #insightsbs #fashionphotography
Short on space but big on style? Make your home office work for you. Edited by @georg1e_gee #homedesign #homedecor #homeoffice #office #interiordesign
@melissageorgeofficial endured a crippling loss of confidence – too fearful to even audition. But fate intervened and now the talented Australian actor is relishing her role in the new adaptation of the book The Mosquito Coast and enjoying life in Paris bringing up her two sons. Plus @mirandakerr talks all things style, and @adamliaw serves up some ANZAC favourites, with a twist. Photography by @AntoineDoyen . Styling by @Victoria.Rastello . Hair and make-up by Didier Cometti and Angelo Buonomo. #melissageorge #mosquitocoast #fashionphotography #mirandakerr
This month, today’s cover star @Magda_Szubanski turned 60. For her, this milestone is a chance to take stock and reflect on all that’s good about her life. In many ways, she’s happier now than she’s ever been. “There is a certain comfort that comes with age,” she says. “It’s not as though you have life all figured out, because there is still a lot to learn. Once you have some life experience under your belt, though, you feel like you understand things a bit better. You don’t have those raging insecurities you had when you were younger.” Szubanski is set to host a revived version of game show The Weakest Link on Nine, but shares that the show will be different to the original UK version. "It will be stern and strict and competitive and cheeky – but it won’t be cruel.” Words: @michael_lallo Photographer: @DavidMandelbergstudio . Fashion editor: @PennyMcCarthy . Hair: @KeirenStreethair . Make-up: Nicole Thompson (@pinkiiieee ). Fashion assistant: @emmersonconradstylist emmersonconradstylist Magda wears, black background: “No Biggie” glasses by @LeSpecs ; Louise Olsen “Hug Chain” bracelet from @Dinosaur_Designs . White background: clothing by @EtAlAustralia ; bangle by Dinosaur Designs. #magdaszubanski #fashionphotography #weakestlink
DOWN TO EARTH 🌿 | Get off the grid and back to nature, save for a few creature comforts. Edited by @georg1e_gee #living #camping #nature #offthegrid #travel
The last year has been a life-changing one for actor @zoe_ventoura . Here she opens up to @genquigley about work, including her latest role in Doctor Doctor, motherhood and why she chooses private over public when it comes to her personal life. Comedian Judith Lucy’s memories of her teenage relationships will bring a smile to your face. She looks back at intense female friendships. Elsewhere, Adam Liaw suggests some short cuts in the kitchen and Evelyn Lewin tells us why music can be therapeutic. Photography by @hughstewart_ . Styling by @pennymccarthy . Hair by @keirenstreethair . Make-up by @pinkiiieee . #zoeventoura #doctordoctor #fashionphotography
Take is easy when it comes to cooking this weekend with @adamliaw ’s beef cheek and whole mushroom stroganoff, and grilled rockmelon, mozzarella and prosciutto salad. “The cooking part of getting a meal ready takes the same amount of time for everyone. A pot of stew on my stove cooks the same as it does on yours,” says Liaw. “Despite minor variations in stoves and pans, the process of applying heat to ingredients is remarkably uniform. Where the process of "cooking" can take a long time is in the preparation or, to put it plainly, the chopping. My wife is a very good cook, but quite often when she's in charge of dinner she'll ask me to cut the ingredients for her. If I cut them I'll be done in a few minutes, but if she does it may take 30 minutes.I'm happy to oblige, but I have to say that my best advice for getting better control of your meals is to get a decent cutting board and sharp knives – and learn how to use the latter properly. Practice makes fast – and sometimes perfect, too. But until you've mastered your knife skills, here are a couple of recipes that don't need you to do much chopping at all.” Photography: @william_meppem #adamliaw #easyrecipes #recipe #foodphotography #foodie