It always feels great to bring you another campfire conversation with a couple of legendary safari folks. Our last episode for season 2 of our podcast is here and we're excited for you to listen to Brett chat to @tczambezi and @bush_explorations_africa under the shade of Big Jack! You are guaranteed to laugh out loud at some of Troy's white-knuckle stories from his days on the Zambezi, while Brett and JD recount some shared experiences of a lion mistaken for a hippo as well as a memory of a man hunt in Klaserie. All this and more! Please tune in and enjoy this episode. Link in bio! Photos by @afribird
Dreaming of the weekend, which brought our guests together in their private place of peace. Exclusive use of the lodge means the only people you're sharing the fresh air with are your people and the way you spend your time - whether its around a dining table or in a game viewer or on foot in the bush - is entirely up to you. 📷 @emmagatlandphotography
The beauty of this wildlife experience is that it is as slow and exploratory as you'd like, or it's an adventure in pursuit of a bucket list sighting. It's whatever you make of it and it is all on your own time, with your own people, in your own space. A place of peace, a place of discovery, a place to remember. Come and experience Tulela. 🎥 @roaming.media
This week really reminded us how special it is to have the freedom to explore and spend as much time as we want at sightings. In this case, we visited and revisited the site of a leopard kill, which gave us the pleasure of watching a young leopard and its mother feed on an impala kill while a couple of hyenas lurked below. It was just us and them - no time pressure, no fellow onlookers, and we got to watch it all play out. Here are Brett and Guy with this and more on our 18th weekly update of Tracks and Tails!
A wintery week in Klaserie and we've been getting some behind the scenes jobs done in between some superb sightings of elephants at our waterhole, buffalo on our camera trap, and a big male lion this morning! It's a pleasure to share this excitement with our guests who are braving the early morning chill with us. Wish us luck with our leopard tracking this weekend... Happy Friday, all!
It's Friday and the drinks are dressed for the occasion! Bright berries and lemon wedges elevating gin and tonics on safari since forever. Take it easy, folks!
It has been a pleasure to be joined by @kolokwe.safari this week in the bush and introduce another passionate safari soul to our Place of Peace. We seem to have struck it lucky in terms of sightings this week too with an incredible sighting of wild dogs, which we got to watch from the Star Deck, plus a trio of lions found shortly after our morning coffee! The browsing herds of elephants, buffalo, and even a very special rhino made for some serious highlights. Happy weekend everyone!
The @klaserieprivatenaturereserve has been on fire with wildlife sightings this week and we're loving entering peak safari season, although it requires a good number of fleecey layers in the morning! Here we are with the Dundee male lion this morning - golden light, reflection and all. He was accompanied by two lionesses and the three of them gave us a great start to the day. Earlier this week we spent the morning with a pack of wild dogs and the Thomas male leopard, not to mention lots of elephants, buffalo, and a rhino. The bush is pumping! 📸 @that_game_ranger_guy
If you've been following along on our journey, you'll have met the people who have contributed to bringing our Place of Peace to life over the last six months. From the thatchers to the brick-layers, the plumbers, and the painters. To the chefs and the housekeepers, the landscapers, and the advisors. We are very grateful for every hand that has been loaned and we are delighted to now be able to welcome our guests, our friends, our community to come and experience our new home! Welcome to Tulela. Place of Peace. Video by @roaming.media .
We're remembering the hilarious conversation we had with @wildwonderful_world on our podcast which we recorded a few weeks ago and is now live on Spotify, Google, Apple and everywhere else! @grantpanga has an uncanny vervet monkey impersonation you have to hear, and he and @michelle_ashleigh have shared some truly epic adventures in their Land Rover, driving the continent and participating in all sorts of conservation projects! @jontybozas is one incredible storyteller, so expect to be in stitches when he shares his memories from guiding days at Kwandwe and beyond. Campfire Conversations, season 2,episode 5 is here! Link in our bio. Happy weekend listening!
High tea hummingbird cake was a favourite (although some people preferred the fruit skewers) and whether you're washing it down with bubbles or a hot brew, the view and the familiar company make the occasion a highlight of the day. Some afternoon fuel by the swimming pool before bundling up and climbing aboard the game viewer for a drive around the Klaserie for the afternoon.
Welcoming our guests to their Friday night sleep-out on the Star Deck. After game drive, they'll roll up to a welcome sight of sundowners, an al fresco dinner table, and their open-air bedroom cocoons rippling in the breeze. Plenty of warm clothing required for these chilly almost-winter nights!